July 13, 2023


1. As a member of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s central leadership, I am aspired to witness the continuation of the cachet of the Negeri Sembilan state government that had been actuated by YB Dato’ Seri Aminuddin, a dedicated leader I personally recognise.

2. In the spirit of unity and togetherness, Pakatan Harapan, especially Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and Barisan Nasional have to work collaboratively towards winning the upcoming state election that will be staging another historic battle between surviving political parties. It will be a challenging election in the state’s history as Perikatan Nasional are vying for their maiden electoral victory in the state level that seems to be fictional.

3. The majority of Negeri Sembilan voters are confident that Pakatan Harapan and its close alliances will be the only best choice to progressively serve them for the next 5 years. They will not be easily ‘drugged’ to voting for the glamorous yet oblivious figures, especially the newcomers of BERSATU, who think that they are prominent enough to fish valuable votes from the rural balloters.

4. Recruiting new ‘talents’ to pursuing electoral victory isn’t the same as handpicking melodious-voiced singers in reality TV shows. How could the “newly-conscripted politicians” and their corrupt kapla be hoped to resume the success stories of Negeri Sembilan when their true motive of joining politics is to earn a sturdy living after being discontinued and ejected from their previous roles they held for nothing? 

5. Being a lawmaker, be it in state or federal level, must be about loyally serving the people, who are now in dire need of being economically succoured. He or she must have a great conscience to ensure that their well-being and prosperity can be sustainably fostered with the philosophy of the Madani inspired by the Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim being helmed. 

6. Since PH took over the state government of Negeri Sembilan after the unforgettable 14th general elections, the state has been successfully governed. The Aminuddin-led state government has achieved RM89.12 million in surplus last year together with the highest-in-history RM889.75 million financial reserve in 2020.  

7. Those are among applauded achievements that must be continued by Pakatan HarapanxBN that will surely nominate best-in-class candidates who cannot just represent their constituents as their hopeful voice in the state assembly, but can also credibly run the state as a member of the state council.

8. The Negeri Sembilan voters, especially the young ones, are worried that the economic performances that have been positively pursued by the PH-led government will be ruined if PN won the election as its inexperienced candidates’ intention of running in the state election is dubious. 

9. Not just me, but tens of thousands of the state’s voters can smell that Perikatan Nasional is trying hard to play “credible” by fielding eminent faces to gain votes. I can assure that the so-called political strategy will not be fruiting their desired outcomes as the state voters will show them the way out of mainstream politics on August 12.

R. Yuneswaran 

MP Segamat 

Member of Keadilan Central Leadership

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