May 31, 2021

KEADILAN Suggest 6 Ways To Expedite Covid Vaccination

1.Minister must act immediately to grant emergency approval of vaccines which are already been used widely in other countries eg Sinopharm(China) , Cansino (China), Sputnik (Russia), Covishield (India), J&J(US), Moderna(US). These vaccines can be included in PICK or can be released to private sectors to administer on demand while the government focus on PICK. These will add to the existing pools of Pfizer, Sinovac and AZ vaccines.

2.Purchase more Pfizer, Sinovac and AZ vaccines immediately as there are available stocks in the world market.

3.Increase vaccination sites via Private Hospitals, private clinics and Klinik Kesihatan.

4.Increase personnel to assist vaccination. Mobilise the redundant staff from other ministries (especially during pandemic and MCO) to assist PICK. They can be involved in calling, bringing in and guiding the vaccine receipients apart from planning the appoints and other non medical related tasks.

5.Set up mobile vaccination unit to serve the rural areas and selected urban localities .

6.Consider delaying the 2nd dose of vaccines so that as many people receive vaccines within the shortest possible time as possible .

We need to get to 300,000 doses per day to make the current MCO 4.0 meaningful.

Dr Lee Boon Chye

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