August 9, 2022

Concerning Unjust Aggressions in Palestine

Another week of unprovoked Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people has passed - causing the loss of innocent lives including 15 children, massive destruction of infrastructure and the total shutdown of electricity in the Gaza Strip. I condemn the attacks and mourn the loss of life and property which adds to the daily misery experienced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

I also condemn the storming of the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem by over 1,000 Israeli settlers on Sunday. This further provocation is a clear violation of international law governing the holy site. Along with attacks against Christians and Christian sites in Israel which have taken place in recent months, these actions demonstrate a flagrant disrespect by the Israeli authorities for the sentiments of Muslim and Christians.

Israel’s violent attacks against the Palestinian people have become so routine that the international community, preoccupied with other conflicts and crises, barely takes notice. The aggressor takes advantage of fatigue it senses on the part of those allied to the Palestinians to continue to act with impunity, in the name of eliminating terrorists, in order to achieve its goals. Usually it is ascertained that Israel’s motives have little to do with terrorism and a lot to do with politics and the desire to maintain and expand control over Palestinian land and sovereignty.

I therefore urge all those committed to the liberation of Palestinians to continue to express outrage over these attacks. For the sake of the Palestinian people, our human brothers and sisters endowed with the same rights and dignities guaranteed to our peoples, I will continue pressing the plight of the Palestinian people with Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and with other leaders who will hear what I have to say until justice can truly shine upon Palestine.

In my meeting with Palestinian Ambassador to Malaysia Walid Abu Ali we expressed mutual concern over the enabling of Israeli aggression by the international community particularly by countries in the region which have not considered Palestinian voices in their efforts to achieve diplomatic resolution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Their inability to perceive the contradiction in their ideals displayed in supporting the murderous actions of aggressors at a clear advantage over the Palestinian people is madness. I do not believe these so-called milestones in the pursuit of peace will yield results in the long term unless the core issue of Palestinian right to self-determination is addressed.


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