October 1, 2022


We have been informed that UMNO Supreme Council meeting have decided to hold election by this year even though the current Parliament term could last until July 2023.

But why this hasty? Let us ask back the question within us and the Rakyat. Are we ready for the election especially during the monsoon season when we are expecting floods almost in all the states?

It has been told that UMNO is ready at anytime for an early election as their party machinaries have been informed to finalise the election preparations. But I have a honest question to UMNO, were there this much of early preparation done to encounter the flood disaster?

Our rakyat are experiencing floods every year during the monsoon season and there are no effective actions has been taken till now to reduce the rate. Usual political dramas have been continued for years by giving temporary aids to the flood victims. Thousands of Malaysians have lost their loved ones during flood season. When there will be a permanent solution or atleast pro-active steps will be taken to encounter this flood crisis. 

Irony is when an activist being investigated by the police just because he expressed about how much struggle he had to face during the flood crisis and he lost 3 of his family members. 

How can you be so selfish by putting our Rakyat lives at risk for your own political interest? Not only that, at the rising rate of inflation and economical crisis, the average cost of holding a general election would double-up or even tripled. All our taxpayers money will be utilised to manage the election expenditure. 

During the monsoon season, it will be more inconvenient for our Rakyat to come out and vote. This will be an extra burden for them while undergoing a disaster crisis. Relatively it will reduce the voters turnout as well.

I understand elections are essential to give back the mandate to our Rakyat. But as a politician, we need to understand that people's welfare should be our utmost priority. 

Prime Minister and Yang Di Pertuan Agong are the decision makers when it comes to dissolving the parliament and paving the way for general election. I believe both of them would decide the best for our people. 

Keadilan and Pakatan Harapan are very worried about the safety and welfare of the people if the election is held during the flood season. I also hope that UMNO will be more sensitive and focused in regards of people welfare issues instead of pressuring for an early general election. People-first and not election-first. 

YB Arthur Chiong Sen Sern

ADUN Bukit Batu

Pengarah Strategi Majlis Pimpinan Keadilan Negeri Johor 

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